SAS Brasil in the age of telemedicine

SAS Brasil entered the era of telemedicine once and for all to bring quality healthcare with joy to thousands of socially vulnerable people across the country. What we’ve been doing since 2013 in expeditions, traveling to needy cities in the interior of Brazil, we now also do using technology, accessing the patients’ homes and lives and offering them healthcare as we’ve always done: with affection, empathy and attention.

With the arrival of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic, Brazilian authorities regulated the use of telemedicine for direct doctor-patient contact. Beforehand, the law allowed only the contact between health professionals at both ends. With this very positive change, which SAS Brasil hopes authorities to keep also after the pandemic, people can now have access to specialized healthcare without leaving home, in the comfort of their own sofa, whether they live in remote needy cities in the interior of Brazil, or in slums in large urban centers. All free of charge.

That’s how SAS Brasil imagines the “new normal”. We’ve always strived to help making Brazil a fairer country. We’ve traveled to the most remote regions of the country to bring healthcare and make a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people, with the help of professionals and using cutting-edge technology because we believe that access to quality health care must be universal in the country.

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Picture: Roy Bento

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