SAS Brasil was born in 2013 as a project and was formalized in 2015, always committed to transparency related to its activities and the use of the money raised from supporters and sponsors, whether individuals or legal entities. In 2020, SAS Brasil received the title of OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest). In 2021, the organization was audited by KPMG.


Between 2020 and 2021, SAS Brasil was recognized in 4 national awards: in the category “Innovation for recovery” of the Social Entrepreneur Award, promoted by Folha de S.Paulo, in the category “Volunteering in Collectives and CSOs” of the Transformative Volunteering Award, promoted by Atados, in the category “Innovation in Social Medicine”, of the Dasa & Abril Medical Innovation Award and certified in the Social Technology category of the Fundação Banco do Brasil Social Technology Award 2021.

In 2021, the social startup was also internationally awarded with two of its projects, Virtu-i-see (which uses telemedicine to screen diabetic patients who do not have access to adequate ophthalmic services), winner of the XOVA Vision Awards and the Anariá Project (with tele-services for cervical cancer screening), with WSA Global.

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Saúde, Alegria e Sustentabilidade Brasil (SAS Brasil)
CNPJ 22.105.994/0001-43
Exempt from both State and Municipal registrations
R. Cláudio Soares 72 sala 212 05422-030 São Paulo SP

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SAS Brasil Telemedicine
SAS Brasil Itinerant Blood Unit

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Explore, in detail, the impact data* of SAS Brasil over the years (2013 – 2019).

(*) This spreadsheet is updated at the end of each expedition

Mission, vision, values and our mantra

SAS Brasil has existed as a project since 2013. Since then, our non-profit organization has grown year after year but our essence has remained the same. Know what our DNA is made of: